Luis Martínez, architect graduated in Madrid’s Architecture School (ETSAM), combines architecture with music, painting and teaching, receiving several awards for these activities. He participates in Alea music laboratory and collaborates with Carmen Werner and “Provisional Danza” creating music of her choreographies. He is currently a drawing’s professor at Toledo’s Architecture School.

He has shown his work in multiple solo and group exhibitions in Madrid, London, New York, Hamburg, Stockholm and Hong Kong, his artwork being acquired by museums, collectors and public institutions.

In Pavilion he presents now his most recent graphic work made with acrylic on canvas or on board and some of his sculptures made of painted steel. In this exhibition he talks about the look of others and how it defines us. In Luis’s own words:

Existence is an illusion modeled by hidden areas of our identity. A dream drawn by quiet memories, hugs in the air, lost suitcases or letters without address. An inescapable journey, difficult to start and with an unknown destination, where the uncertain limits of its measures stimulate the illusion by approaching the veiled areas that justify our presence. On this path, where relationships, as ephemeral as they are eternal, accompany us, it is sometimes easier to look at nothing as if nothing ever happened. When the images reveal their fragility we discover the doubts that remain hidden in the thought. The look of others reflects the identity that, alone, we can not get out of ourselves. And the slower your reading is, the greater the pleasure of drinking in a container without measure. We do not know what to do … We will continue painting.

Only during two days: Thursday 17th and Saturday 19th May 2018